Corvette Boykiy Has Completed the Tasks in English Channel, Enters Atlantic Ocean
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 26, 2020)
As part of the planned combat training missions in the Baltic Fleet's area of responsibility, the Boykiy corvette completed missions in the English Channel and entered the Atlantic Ocean.

In the north-eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean, the crew of the Boykiy corvette will work out the tasks of finding, detecting and destroying a simulated enemy submarine using a complex of anti-submarine weapons and an anti-submarine Ka-27 helicopter. Also, an exercise will be conducted to deliver a missile strike with the Uranus anti-ship missile system against a detachment of mock enemy ships, with the implementation of electronic missile launches, and questions of the ship's air defence will be practiced.

In the water area of the English Channel, the corvette crew performed a set of measures to replenish fuel and water supplies while drifting and on the move. In addition, training sessions on anti-terrorist activities and counter-sabotage defense were held.

The main task of the campaign is to ensure a permanent naval presence of the Baltic Fleet ships in the area of its responsibility.


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