Expert: Taiwan Knows Buying American Weapons is Paying “Protection Fee”
(Source: China Military Online; issued Dec 07, 2020)
Taiwan is fully aware that buying American weapons is paying a “protection fee”, said Professor Wu Xinbo with the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University, during an interview on December 5 about the US arms sales to Taiwan that has caught much attention recently, adding that the arms deal is an exchange of interests, which, however, is very unreliable.

According to Professor Wu, the US has recently made several breaches in selling arms to Taiwan, and weapons that had not been sold in the past are now available. The island takes this as an opportunity even though it knows perfectly well that it doesn’t really matter how many weapons it buys if Washington doesn’t support it and that buying these weapons is just a disguise of paying a "protection fee" to the US.

He added that the US arms sales to Taiwan island is partly to support the “Taiwan independence” forces and partly because American arms dealers want to make money. “Washington knows that Taiwan won’t succeed on its own, so it gives the promise of more support, provided that Taiwan pays the 'protection fee'.”

“I think it’s an exchange of interests, which is very unreliable,” said Professor Wu, noting that Taiwan is in no position to stand against the mainland no matter how many weapons it buys. Meanwhile, though the island pins its hopes on Washington’s support, the White House has its calculations and considerations, so Taiwan’s generous payment of "protection fee" cannot get itself “insured”.

According to Wu Xinbo, from the US perspective, although the arms dealers can make a fortune by selling weapons to Taiwan, this cash cow will be lost once the “Taiwan independence” forces cross the line and leaves the mainland no choice but to take action.


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