First P-72 Maritime Patrol Aircraft of the Meltem-3 Program is In Service
(Source: Turkish Presidency of Defense Industries; issued Dec 11, 2020)
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Under the project carried out by the Presidency of the Defense Industries, the first P-72 maritime patrol aircraft to enter service with our Navy will be an important force multiplier for the control and protection of the Blue Homeland territorial waters.

The first P-72 maritime patrol aircraft procured under the Meltem program has been delivered to the Turkish Navy.

At this stage, the Meltem Project aims to supply six ATR 72-600 aircraft to be used in the maritime surveillance and maritime patrol duties, integrating the mission equipment supplied within the framework of the Meltem Project.

The first P-72 Maritime Patrol Aircraft, which entered the inventory of our Naval Forces with the ceremony held, will be an important force multiplier for the control and protection of the Blue Homeland with more than 8,300 km of coastline.

With the completion of deliveries within the scope of our MELTEM Project, the number of our maritime patrol aircraft will increase to 12.

P-72 Naval Patrol Aircraft

Critical systems such as advanced Radar System, Electronic Support Measures, Acoustic Processing Systems, Tactical Data Link 11 and 16, MK46 and MK54 Torpedo transport and firing capability were integrated on the P-72 Naval Patrol Aircraft.

Thanks to these systems, the aircraft will undertake important tasks such as Submarine Defense War, Above-Water Defense Warfare, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Over the Horizon Targeting, Search and Rescue.

In addition to the new features such as Link 16 system, MK54 torpedo carrying and launch, which are not available on the P-235 aircraft, the new P-72 aircraft will have the ability to operate for longer periods of time.

Following the delivery of our first Naval Patrol Aircraft, it is planned to deliver two additional maritime patrol aircraft and one naval general-purpose aircraft to the Naval Forces Command in 2021.

The role of domestic and national industry in the project

Intense participation of Turkish industry was ensured within the scope of the project. Detail part production, aircraft modification, material supply, ground and flight test support and Integrated Logistics Support activities were carried out by TAI.

Equipment was provided by ASELSAN. Our aircraft have Link 11 and Link 16 systems developed by MİLSOFT. Our Naval Patrol Ground Station has been updated by HAVELSAN to support P-72 aircraft.

Presidential Defense Industry Presidency has made many systems ready for service with the aim of improving the capabilities and capabilities of our Naval Forces. Many air, sea, submarine and logistics projects that will add strength to the combat and logistics field of our Naval Forces Command continue.

In 2021, it is planned to provide the Naval Forces Command with the necessary support in the operation and maintenance of the supplied systems by starting the 3-year logistic support service of the mission systems of our Naval Patrol Aircraft.

Vice President of the Presidency of Defense Industry Serdar Demirel, Naval Forces Command Naval Aviation Commander Tuga. Alper Yeniel, Senior Vice President Nadia Steiner on behalf of prime contractor LEONARDO; TUSAŞ General Manager Temel Kotil, HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar, ASELSAN Deputy General Manager Bayram Gençcan, MİLSOFT General Manager İsmail Başyiğit and THALES Aircraft Director Levent Taşkın attended on behalf of the subcontractors.


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