Increase In Budget Authority: Presentation of Defense Appropriations in the 2022 Finance Bill
(Source: French Armed Forces Ministry; issued Sept. 23, 2021)
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Since coming to power in 2017, French President Emmanuel Macron has boosted defense spending by a total of 9 billion euros, but the biggest increases are planned for 2023-25, after his current term ends in May 2022. (French MoD image)
The budget of the Ministry of the Armed Forces continues to grow, in accordance with the objectives of the 2019-2025 Military Programming Law (LPM).

For the fourth consecutive year, this new finance bill (PLF) calls for an increase in appropriations for the benefit of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. In 2022, they will reach 40.9 billion euros, up by 1.7 billion euros compared to 2021 and nearly 9 billion more than in 2017.

In total, over the five-year period, the French forces will have benefited from 26 billion euros more for the defense of France than the level of the budget observed in 2017. This major effort was necessary for defense and sovereignty which had been weakened. This increase guarantees investments in strategic sectors for the armed forces, while ensuring the start of the renewal of the forces’ equipment.

Finance bill 2022 - LPM year 4

The 2019-2025 LPM committed France to a large-scale investment program in response to the strategic challenges of our time.

Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, said: "The budget of the Ministry of the Armed Forces has increased for the fourth consecutive year, our military planning law thus continues to be implemented. We owe this effort to the French people for their protection. We owe it to our soldiers, to ensure they have the means to carry out their missions. 40.9 billion euros are devoted to the defense of our country: the revival of our defense tool continues. Repair and prepare our forces: the ambition of the President of the Republic is consistently reflected in figures and actions. "

The provisional budget established by the 2022 PLF continues the implementation of this ambitious plan for the modernization of the armed forces. To protect the French and the interests of France, funding for the defense mission ensures the renewal and modernization of equipment and also allow significant investments in recruitment, innovation and in strategic sectors such as cyberspace, intelligence. and the space domain.

A real stimulus plan, these funds also help to maintain over 200,000 jobs on French territory, mainly in the companies forming the Industrial and Technological Defense Base (BITD) but also in the small and medium-sized companies that provide local services for the benefit of the armed forces and the forces.

Four priorities have been selected this draft 2022 budget:

Renew the operational capacities of the armed forces and modernize equipment

The appropriations provided for in the 2022 PLF significantly strengthen the resources allowing, for example, the acquisition of better protected armored vehicles and modernized airplanes.

Among the deliveries expected for the coming year are 1,565 vehicles (including 245 armored vehicles), aircraft (including three MRTT Phoenix tankers) and a multi-mission frigate (FREMM). The personal equipment of the military is also affected, including the delivery of new bulletproof vests and assault rifles.

Recruitment will reach 26,200 men and women, including 450 net job creations.

Guarantee France’s strategic autonomy

The 2022 PLF also strengthens funding allocated to the key areas of space, intelligence and cybersecurity. In particular, it provides 231 million euros for the cyber domain and the recruitment of 376 additional cyber-fighters (in total, nearly 1,600 to be recruited by 2025). In addition, 646 million euros will support the space strategy. Finally, the first exploratory capabilities for the deep seabed will be implemented.

Innovate and transform to meet future challenges

In 2022, in accordance with the commitments made in 2018, the budget dedicated to supporting innovation will reach 1 billion euros and will make it possible to invest, among other things, in anti-drone technologies and digital training programs and operational training.

In this context, this budget envelope will also help support French small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups engaged in research and development. 1.2 billion euros will also be mobilized in the European Defense Fund (EDF) to support the competitiveness of the European defense industry, particularly in the field of energy and environmental transition.

Making life easier for families

The 2022 budget will support the continued implementation of the 2019-2025 Family Plan, which fully contributes to operational efficiency by providing the means for defense personnel to adapt to the constraints and requirements of their profession. 337 million euros will be spent on housing and staff accommodation. The target of 205 ATLAS (Anytime Anywhere Access to Support) spaces made available to military and defense civilians in mainland France will be reached in 2022.


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