Testimony on Canada’s Selection of the Joint Strike Fighter
(Source: compiled by defense-aerospace.com; posted March 8, 2011)
PARIS --- As the controversy grows about the Canadian government’s decision to acquire the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter with neither a competition nor a public explanation of its decision to spend C$16 billion on the program, government officials have begun a campaign to discredit opponents and critics of the deal, as reported March 7 by the Ottawa Citizen.

To help readers forge their own opinion about the Canadian debate, we are posting below some links of interest for further reading.

The best-informed source must be the man who negotiated Canada’s entry into the JSF program, former Assistant Deputy Defence Minister for Materiel Alan Williams, who has been recently been targeted by the current government for “spreading BS.”

Click here for a transcript of Williams’ testimony to the Canadian House of Commons’ Standing Committee on National Defence (Oct. 7, 2010).

Click here for the Department of National Defence’s special web package on the JSF acquisition, which includes transcripts of testimony to Parliament by government officials.

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