Chief of Army Media Briefing: M1A1 Abrams Integrated Management (AIM) Main Battle Tank
(Source: Australian Department of Defence; issued Aug. 4, 2004)
Lieutenant General Peter Leahy, Chief of Army, on Aug. 4 briefed the media on the Australian Army’s program to replace its Leopard tanks with the M1A1 AIM.

The session also included Brigadier Michael Clifford, who presented the requirement for a replacement tank and the basis for Australia’s decision to select the Abrams tank, and Lt. Col. Duncan Hayward who briefed on what Australia will be getting as part of the tank replacement project.

Also participating were Mr. John Pluck and Lt Col. Andrew Libby, from the Defence Materiel Organisation, and Commodore Alan Dutoit of the Royal Australian Navy, who addressed how the tanks will be moved by sea.

The event was concluded by a question & answer session.

Click here for a transcript of the briefing, on the Australian DoD website (HTML format).

Click here for a separate transcript of the Q&A session, also on the Australian DoD website.


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