Modernization: FAB Receives Two More Drones
(Source: Brazilian Air Force; issued Feb. 18, 2013)
(Issued in Portuguese; unofficial translation by
A Brazilian air force Hermes RQ-450 UAV used for operator training. Israel has just delivered two more RQ-450s, doubling Brazil’s fleet to four UAVs of this model. (Brazil AF photo)
The Brazilian Air Force on Jan. 30 received two Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The two RQ-450s, made in Israel, are being assembled at Santa Maria Air Base (RS) and the first flights are scheduled for March. The new aircraft will now be used in the forthcoming Operations Agate, in the border regions, and also during the Confederation Cup. The investment was 48 million reals.

Now there are four aircraft that are part of the Horus Squadron. Two RQ-450s were already in operation since 2011. Although they are of the same model, the newer aircraft have now received some improvements, such as infrared and daylight cameras of higher resolution, and improved communication systems. Also received was a radar that allows images to be captured even through cloud cover.

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The FAB’s first experiments with unmanned aircraft took place in 2010. The following year, with the creation of Horus Squadron, the operational debut took place during Operations Agate. A RQ-450 also participated in security operations during Rio 20. In these missions, these aircraft are images both day and night, and broadcast them live to the Control Center.

Besides the actual operations, the Horus Squadron also conducts "doctrine development”
Missions, when tactics are designed for military use of UAVs in conflict situations. Within the FAB, these aircraft are controlled from the ground by airmen with experience in aircraft and combat helicopters, as well as expertise in military missions and rules of airspace control.


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