Izar Faba Will Provide Fire Control for US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship
(Source: Izar; dated July 2, 2004)

(Issued in Spanish; unofficial translation by defense-aerospace.com)
Lockheed Martin has selected Faba, the systems division of Izar, to provide the gun fire control systems of the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), of which it may build as many as 60 units.

The decision to select the Dorna gun fire control system, the same as is fitted to the F-100 frigates of the Spanish navy, was announced at the conclusion of the LCS Preliminary Design Review between Lockheed Martin, the program’s prime contractor, and the US Navy.

This is an important milestone for Izar, as it allows it to enter the U.S. defense market for the first time, and could lead to additional business. Izar’s Dorna, for example, could be selected to equip ships being procured under the US Coast Guard’s Deepwater program. These ships are similar to the LCS, and using the same fire control systems would present operational advantages as well as substantial savings in maintenance.

For Faba Systems, located in San Fernando, Cadiz, this is very positive news because it not only recognizes its products’ excellence, but could also lead to substantial business volumes since the US Navy could eventually order as many as 60 Littoral Combat Ships.

At present, two lead ships have been contracted, the first scheduled for delivery on 2005 and the second in 2006.

The Dorna gun fire control developed by Faba can be adapted to different ship designs, and has been integrated with the Aegis weapon system of the Spanish Navy’s F-100 frigates.


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