EASA Pilots Perform Familiarization Flights on Board Sukhoi Superjet 100
(Source: Sukhoi Superjet 100; issued April 17, 2009)
ZHUKOVSKY, Moscow Region --- EASA pilots performed the first familiarizations flights on Sukhoi Superjet 100 S/N’s 95001 and 95003. The first prototype 95001 has been piloted by Philippe Castaigns, EASA/CEV test pilot accompanied by Leonid Chikunov and Sergei Korostiev, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft tests-pilots and Fabrice Butin, EASA/CEV flight test engineer.

The crew of 95003 consisted of EASA/CEV test pilot François Fabre, EASA/CEV flight test engineer Jean-Pierre Marre, as well as Alexander Yablontsev and Vadim Shirokikh.

Familiarization flight is a part of EASA certification panel “Flight” work – a panel responsible for flight test campaign within EASA certification activity. This flight has been aimed for general familiarization with the aircraft and initial assessment of its handling qualities. 95001 and 95003 had been set into aft and forward center of gravity positions respectively.

François Fabre explained, that “familiarization flight precedes the EASA certification flight test campaign and these two flights were a huge step forward in getting accustomed to these aircraft and setting the communication with SCAC team”.

Fabrice Butin: “We were stunned by the effort and commitment of SCAC team to make this flight possible. We’ve managed to complete all flight tasks we’ve set earlier, single engine exercise among them. The first impression, according to EASA pilot feedback, is that the aircraft is easy to fly and comfortable to pilot. In terms of handling qualities they very close to what we are used to”.

These two flights mark a historic day for Russian aviation industry on the way into the global environment, the way Sukhoi Civil Aircraft chose from the very launch of Sukhoi Superjet 100 project. Concurrent certification process according to both IAC AR and EASA regulations is inline with involving the international team of industry leading suppliers. In addition to that, earlier internationalization of the SSJ100 project made this simultaneous certification activity possible and shall result in a smaller time gap between Russian and European certification.

“SCAC welcomes EASA test-pilots and flight test engineers on board SSJ100 and expects successful and fruitful collaboration in SSJ100 certification”, - said Igor Vinogradov, First VP on Programme Coordination, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft. “The first familiarization meetings between IAC AR, EASA, and SCAC were held in 2006 and since them we’ve built a powerful certification team comprised of proficiency and experience of these three entities. Well tuned communication between the airframer and certification authorities of both Russia and EU is a core component of the SSJ100 programme success”.


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