Nexter Presents A CAESAR with the Indonesian Army's Livery at the INDODEFENCE Exhibition
(Source: Nexter; issued November 7, 2012)
Nexter Systems has a long history as a partner of the Indonesian Armed Forces, and is particularly proud to have participated in modernisation of TNI (Tentara Nasional Indonesia) in preparation for the upcoming commissioning of two artillery regiments based on the CAESAR system, with local cooperation.

The CAESAR is a uniquely innovative technical solution combining tactical mobility and fire power. Its 155mm/52 calibre artillery offers precise longer range fire support and its wheeled chassis makes air transport possible, particularly in a C-130, while limiting its cost of ownership.

The CAESAR system is now in service in three countries. It is used by the French army in Afghanistan to provide fire support, and it has demonstrated its operational capabilities and is now Combat Proven. France has used it within the United Nations in Lebanon, and it is also in service in a Middle East country and forms part of the Royal Thai Army's artillery.

This new success in Indonesia demonstrates that the performances of CAESAR® satisfy the most demanding requirements from the field in the South-East Asian region.

During INDODEFENCE, Nexter Systems has his booth on the French Pavilion, and the CAESAR is exhibited on the static of the Indonesian MoD.

Nexter applies its expertise in land defence systems to meet the needs of the French army and other forces internationally. The scope of its business includes the supply of weapons systems and munitions for Army, Air Force, Navy and law enforcement applications.

In 2011, Nexter reported revenue of Euros 851 million, of which 16% were allocated to Research & Development. The range of products offered by Nexter includes: CAESAR the highly mobile 155mm self-propelled gun, 105LG lightweight towed gun, Leclerc battle tank, VBCI Infantry combat vehicle, ARAVIS highly protected armoured vehicle, BONUS intelligent munitions, all backed up by customer service, support and recycling.


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