Navantia Modernizes Patrol Boat for the Navy of Mozambique
(Source: Navantia; issued Nov. 20, 2012)
(Issued in Spanish only; unofficial translation by
Navantia has signed on November 20 a contract for the upgrade of the patrol boat Dragonera, gifted by the Spanish Navy last April to Mozambique for use in the fight against piracy around its territorial waters, where many Spanish vessels fish.

The vessel will join the fleet of Mozambique, and will be renamed Mozambican Ship "Pebane" (P-001).

Navantia, along with ISDEFE, submitted a bid to modernize the ship in order to extend its operational life. ISDEFE, a company belonging to the Spanish defense ministry, will take charge of managing the training of the Mozambican crew, which will be conducted by the Spanish Armada.

The contract represents more than 50,000 hours of work for Navantia and its subcontractors, and will employ more than 50 people in the five months that the work is scheduled to take. The start of refurbishing work is scheduled for November 21.

This is the first contract signed with Mozambique by Navantia, which continues to add new customer countries, and is the beginning of the modernization of vessels "surplus" from the Spanish Armada in view of their subsequent export sale.


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