Antonov Suggests NATO New Directions of Cooperation
(Source: Antonov JSC; issued Jan 16, 2015)
On January 15, 2015 delegation of NATO headed by Patrick Auroy, Deputy Secretary General of NATO, visited Antonov Company.

Dmytro Kiva, President – General Designer, presented the enterprise possibilities in directions of development, testing and production of aircraft and modern programs to the guests. He also named a number of Antonov’s initiatives on extending cooperation with countries of NATO and EU.

Taking into account experience of successful interaction on the SALIS program on performance of strategic air transportations, Antonov suggests joining efforts on development of military transport aviation.

The following programs can become a base for it: the AN−70 military STOL transport, the AN−178 new transport that can be considered as an effective replacement of the C−160 European twin−engine turboprop aircraft, joint development of the AN−148/AN−158 new special purpose variants, further modernization of the world−known AN−124−100 Ruslan.

Within realization of the Open Sky international program a special purpose aircraft, based on the AN−148, is suggested to be used. It will be able to perform observation flights with visual, photo and apparatus information gathering. It will have equipment of observation on−board complex, working places of operators and international observers.

Besides, in order to perform tasks of Euro−Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre a special squadron of the AN−32P multifunctional was suggested to be used. In particular, they can provide delivery of humanitarian cargoes (medicaments, products, clothes, etc.) to the necessary place, evacuation of injuries, firefighting. The AN−32P proved efficiency, economy and reliability in operation under conditions of hot climate and highland, during firefighting in Spain, Portugal and Ukraine.


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