The 15th Wing Introduces the HH-101A “Caesar” Helicopter
(Source: Italian air force; issued June 22, 2015)
(Issued in Italian; unofficial translation by
The Italian air force is introducing into service the AgustaWestland HH-101 Caesar combat search and rescue helicopter, which will replace the earlier Sikorsky HH-3F Jolly Green Giants of Vietnam War fame. (AW photo)
On Friday, June 19, on Cervia air base, the Air Force unveiled its new aircraft to the media.

The HH-101A helicopter, which has now been dubbed "CAESAR", was developed by AgustaWestland according to the specific requirements of the Air Force in order to meet a requirement for a medium-sized rotary wing aircraft to perform a number of roles: Air Support to Special Operations (SAOS), Personnel Recovery (PR), Search and Rescue (SAR), with the additional capability, when required, of Slow Mover Interceptor (SMI).

The aircraft and all its logistic support component, including equipment and materials, are especially suited for deployment, even outside the country, in National Operations Outside Borders (OFCN).

The Caesar is fitted with the latest-generation avionics. Among its main features, the aircraft has high reliability and a great ease of maintainability, as well as excellent survival features, including crash protection.

Its performance is the result of modern technology, and in this respect Caesar will have a very long range (including a probe for in-flight refueling), and excellent maneuverability.

The air force’s 15th Wing guarantees, 24 hours 24, 365 days a year, the search and rescue flight crew in difficulty. It also contributes to public service missions such as finding people lost at sea or in the mountains, medical transport of emergency patients at risk of life, and relief of severe trauma. Since its establishment, the crews of the 15th Wing have saved approximately 7,000 people in life-threatening situations.


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