Sino-US Signs Contract for Three More AW119Kx Helicopters
(Source: AgustaWestland; issued Sept 10, 2015)
Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland announced today that Sino-US Intercontinental signed a contract for three AW119Kx single engine helicopters, further expanding the presence of AgustaWestland helicopters in the Chinese civil market. The three helicopters are expected to be delivered within 2015.

Sino-US Intercontinental acts as an official non-exclusive distributor for AgustaWestland civil helicopters in China, excluding Hong Kong and Macau, and has placed orders for a total of thirty helicopters since late 2013 comprising AW119Kx single engine, GrandNew light twin, AW169 light intermediate, AW139 intermediate and AW189 super medium helicopters. The partnership has further expanded the presence of the AW119, GrandNew and AW139 models and introduced the whole Family of new generation types also including the AW169 and AW189 into China.

AgustaWestland and Sino-US are devoting significant efforts to strengthen the level of service in China with comprehensive maintenance and training solutions to further enhance operational effectiveness and safety and maximize customers’ advantage in using AgustaWestland’s state-of-the-art products in the country.

This contract marks a further major result for AgustaWestland in China following the ‘Best Civil Helicopter Award 2015’ won during the China Civil Helicopter Summit in Beijing at the end of June. The award recognized the high quality standard, mission capabilities, latest technology, safety and cost-effectiveness of the range of AgustaWestland civil helicopters in service today with Chinese customers. The important contribution by AW119, AW109 Power, AW109 Grand, AW109 GrandNew and AW139 helicopters in performing Public Services in China was also acknowledged through the ‘Best Community Service Award’ won by Beijing Public Security Bureau’s Police Aviation Team, which operates three AW109 Power and two AW139 helicopters.

The ‘Best Civil Helicopter Award’ provided further evidence of the outstanding success achieved by AgustaWestland’s range of civil products in China, which benefits from the most recent certification and technology standards, an in-country presence through the Shanghai-based AgustaWestland Regional Business Headquarters aimed at embracing growing Chinese customers and AgustaWestland’s commitment to delivering the best level of customer service. More than 130 AgustaWestland helicopters have been sold to Chinese customers to date.

Sino-US Intercontinental (Sino-US Intercontinental Helicopter Investment Co. Ltd) is part of Shanghai Zenisun Investment Group, a large conglomerate corporation which focuses on real estate and general aviation. The company has been undertaking helicopter sales and operations in China since 2006, providing a one-stop service for helicopter purchase, import, operation, management, support & training as well as airport construction.

The AW119Kx is the latest evolution of the proven AW119 single engine helicopter which features the Garmin G1000HTM integrated flight deck system while keeping the AW119’s outstanding performance, cabin space, payload as well as critical systems redundancy. The new avionics system includes a synthetic vision system, moving map, highway in the sky and obstacle/terrain avoidance systems for enhanced situational awareness and safety. The latest variant of the AW119 has already found significant success among customers in the Americas and Australasia for a range of applications.

Almost 250 AW119 helicopters have been ordered to date in more than 30 countries by over 110 customers. The new AW119Kx is perfectly suited to perform many roles including executive/private transport, EMS, utility, fire-fighting, law enforcement and other duties.


Yunnan Provincial Police Orders One AW139 Helicopter
(Source: AgustaWestland; issued Sept 10, 2015)
Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland announced today that Yunnan Provincial Police Department has placed an order for one AW139 intermediate helicopter. The aircraft will be used for law enforcement, border patrol, special operations, and utility missions in the region and is expected to enter service in 2016.

The contract for the AW139 by Yunnan Provincial Police Department, awarded following a rigorous assessment of competing solutions, further strengthens the success of the type in the country and brings the total number of AW139s purchased in China for public services roles in various provinces to seven. AgustaWestland is committed to deliver the highest level of customer service to growing number of Chinese customers.. More than 130 AgustaWestland helicopters have been sold to Chinese customers to date.

Yunnan Province is the most southwestern province in China, bordering Vietnam, Laos and Burma. It boasts both high plateaus with elevations above 3000 meters and tropical rainforests in the east. The diverse operating geographies and climate, including demanding hot and high environments, proves once again the excellent performance and multi-mission capability of AW139.

The only new generation helicopter in its weight class, the AW139 sets new standards of performance in its category with a maximum cruise speed of 165 knots (306 km/h) and a maximum range in excess of 570 nm (1060 km) with auxiliary fuel. The aircraft has outstanding one engine inoperative capabilities, even in the hot and high environmental conditions.

The AW139, together with the next generation AW169 and AW189 models, is part of the AgustaWestland Family of new generation helicopters which possess the same high performance flight characteristics and safety features, as well as sharing a common cockpit layout, design philosophy and maintenance concept. This commonality will allow more effective operations for customers operating helicopter fleets across the 4 to 8.5 tonne categories.

With orders for almost 900 aircraft in more than 70 countries from more than 220 customers and over 730 aircraft already in service, the AW139 is the best-selling intermediate twin engine helicopter in the world. Many operators have chosen or are already operating the AW139 for homeland security, law enforcement and public utility applications in many nations worldwide including China, Japan, Chile, Brazil, USA, Italy, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Oman, and UAE.

The type has also found significant success globally for other applications such as offshore transport, EMS/SAR, executive/private and passenger transport and government roles.


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