Russia’s Eastern Military District Receives Batch of Su-34 Frontline Bombers
(Source: TASS-Defense; published Nov 07, 2016)
MOSCOW --- An air unit based in the Khabarovsk Territory in Russia’s Far East has received a batch of Sukhoi Su-34 (NATO reporting name: Fullback) frontline bombers, district spokesman Colonel Alexander Gordeyev told TASS.

"The batch of frontline bombers will be made operational in a new combat training year and will be used to accomplish combat training tasks within a squadron during tactical drills," Gordeyev said.

The spokesman did not specify the number of the planes that had arrived for the air unit.

According to public sources, the 277th bomber air regiment based at the Khurba airfield in the Khabarovsk Territory has received three Su-34 planes.

The Su-34 frontline bomber is designed to attack the enemy’s ground and water targets, as well as small moving targets.

The plane is also able to eliminate aerial targets both in the daytime and at night in all weather conditions.


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