F-35 Cost Target Impossible Without Block Buy, Lockheed Says (excerpt)
(Source: Flightglobal.com; posted Feb 09, 2017)
By Stephen Trimble
WASHINGTON, DC --- A hand-shake agreement with US government negotiators slashes the cost of each F-35A ordered in the latest annual lot to $94.6 million, but the Lockheed Martin programme’s goal to drop the price to $85 million in three years is in jeopardy unless the Defense department invokes a package of special acquisition tools, says Lockheed chief financial officer Bruce Tanner.

The F-35 joint programme office and Lockheed have said for years that a long-sought, three-year block buy that would begin in FY2018 would be a key ingredient in reaching the $85 million unit recurring flyaway cost target a year later.

In remarks on 8 February at the Cowen Aerospace/Defense and Industrials Conference, Tanner took that approach a step further, saying the $85 million price target, including the Pratt & Whitney engine, is now impossible to achieve in the absence of one or some combination of another round of Blueprint for Affordability cost reductions in the manufacturing system, a block buy and an economic ordering quantity purchase.

“As we look at it now,” Tanner says, “one of those or combination of those are required to get to the $85 million.”

Since 2014, Lockheed has unveiled two rounds of Blueprint for Affordability initiatives with pledged investments of up to $340 million to lower unit recurring flyaway costs.

Since the F-35 remains in the low-rate initial production through FY2019, the programme is legally prohibited from using a multi-year procurement authority, which allows US government agencies to award a single contract spanning multiple years rather than an annual lots. Instead, the F-35 has pursued approval of a “block buy”, which seeks bulk discounts by offering industry an upfront commitment of purchases over multiple years, but usually without cancellation fees. (end of excerpt)

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: We saw this one coming from afar: Trump’s posturing gives Lockheed reason to call for block buy, which would finally punt the F-35 program beyond the point of no return.
See our Jan 16 story “Lockheed CEO Brilliantly Outmaneuvered Trump on F-35”


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