Delivery of the First Special Forces Heavy Vehicles
(Source: French defence procurement agency, DGA; issued Feb 09, 2017)
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The French Army’s new special forces heavy vehicles (PLFS) was designed and developed in under 13 months by Renault Trucks Defense, and an initial batch of 25 vehicles has just been delivered. (French army photo)
On 30 January 2017, the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) certified the initial standard of the new French special forces heavy vehicles (PLFS). The first PLFS were delivered on February 1, 2017. These vehicles are part of an initial batch of 25 vehicles intended to meet the most urgent requirements.

In just 13 months, they were developed and assembled by Renault Trucks Defense (RTD), tested and qualified by the DGA, and delivered. They will equip all of the special forces that currently employ a motley fleet of vehicles that are intensely operated wearing on overseas operations.

The DGA awarded the special forces vehicle contract to RTD at the end of 2015. The special forces vehicle program meets the most demanding operational requirements for intelligence, neutralization and deep penetration operations in hostile areas with the utmost stealthiness. It aims to improve interoperability and the level of performance of the vehicle fleet of the Special Forces' ground, air and maritime components.

Alongside RTD, the industrial organization for the realization of the special forces vehicle contract also includes Panhard, a subsidiary of RTD (light vehicle design and production) and Essonne Sécurité (design and production of common equipment for both vehicles).


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