Airbus Appoints New A400M Program Manager
(Source: Airbus Defence and Space; issued Feb 27, 2017)
“We confirm that Michael Menking, currently Head of Earth Observation, Navigation and Science in Airbus Defence and Space will be the new Head of A400M Programme from 1 March, succeeding Kurt Rossner who will become Head of Combat Aircraft.

“Kurt will replace Alberto Gutierrez who will become Deputy Head of Military Aircraft following a handover period, reporting to Fernando Alonso.”

Fernando Alonso said: “Under the leadership of Kurt Rossner, the A400M programme has made good progress over the last two years. While facing the PGB crisis, which has unquestionably been one of our toughest challenges, Kurt has stabilised the programme, delivered the first tactical aircraft, and restored trust with our customers by working with them in full transparency. I want to thank Kurt for all his incredible hard work and dedication to the A400M Programme and for bringing this fantastic aircraft forwards to where it is today.”


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