International Missions: the Lower House Authorizes Italy’s Participation
(Source: Italian Ministry of Defence; issued March 08, 2017)
With today’s vote the Lower House has authorized the deployment of 7,600 Italian military abroad. Pinotti: “We intervene in many areas to minimize threats and prevent risks: we must do our part to make the world a more peaceful place”.

On the occasion of the discussion on Italy's participation in international missions, Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti has illustrated the document that authorizes the deployment of up to 7,459 Italian military – including 200 servicewomen- and 167 police forces in 22 countries. In particular, the minister has underscored Italy's engagement in the fight against Daesh and the continued engagement of the Italian contingent within the framework of the NATO mission in Kosovo, where instability persists and there is growing concern for the possible return of foreign fighters.

Moreover, our Armed Forces will take part in two new Air Policing missions in Iceland and Bulgaria. Pinotti explained that the latter will be conducted by NATO countries on a rotational basis, "…to support countries with smaller air force capabilities".

"The discussion focused on international missions, but decisions were taken for the security of our homeland. We must work to keep possible threats away from our territory", the minister said. "We intervene in many areas to minimize threats and prevent risks: we must do our part to make the world a more peaceful place".

As regards our participation in UN missions, i.e. the pillars of Italy's commitment abroad, our country is the main European contributor, providing the largest contingents. "Our national priority is stability in the Mediterranean. Furthermore, we share the objectives of our EU and NATO allies".

Finally, we are keeping our missions in Lebanon, Kosovo and Afghanistan "where we have decided to remain in order to avoid leaving a country where we have worked for such a long time undefended". The minister concluded by quoting a new law enforcement mission in Libya.

Total resources allotted for 2017 to the Armed Forces and Police Forces amount, as established by the Council of Ministers, to 1.13 billion euros. The new law which regulates Italy's participation in international missions has thus been applied for the first time. Therefore, the Government will no longer have to issue its six-month mission approval decrees.


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