Board Session of the Russian Defence Ministry Was Held in Moscow
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued March 27, 2017)
Today, the head of the defence department General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held a board session of the Russian Defence Ministry.

Turning to the agenda, the Minister of Defence suggested starting the work from the issue of formation of reserve-officer training departments in civil educational establishments.

It was noted that the Ministry of Defence continued developing military training of students. Special attention is paid to training of students in accordance to most complicated and requested speciality.

The next issue was devoted to activity of the military scientific complex of the Russian Armed Forces.

Ten large research-and-development institutes and centres have been formed. The centres and institutes have been conducting researches, including ones in the field of information technologies, robotic hardware, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Approbation of armament and military hardware in real conditions as well as development of new forms and ways of using the Armed Forces is held under direct participation of the military scientists.

The session participants also discussed implementation of the orders given by the President of the Russian Federation in 2012 as well as his decrees after sessions in Sochi.

Implementation of the Activity Plan of the Central military district for 2016-2020 was analyzed.

According to General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, building up of combat capabilities of formations and military units as well as improvement of the troops’ training quality are one of the main tasks of the district.

In order to complete the task, the district held fifty-two organization campaigns in 2016. A motorized rifle, tank and air defence missile formations have been formed. There are 21 battalion tactic groups in the district.

Personnel of the newly formed tank division have started combat training and preparation for the International Army Games.

The troops are being staffed with contract servicemen. About 5,000 people passed qualification standards for contract service in the Armed Forces in the first quarter of 2017. The registration plan has been fulfilled.

The Defence Minister paid special attention to implementation of the armament programmes. According to him, more than 3,100 pieces of modern armament, military and special hardware have been introduced in the Central MD troops.

In 2017, the troops are to receive about 1,200 pieces of modern hardware. Aid defence missile units continue receiving the S-400 Triumph complexes.

Sergei Shoigu reminded that the Central MD troops had participated in liquidation of consequences of natural emergency situations.

They took part in firefighting operations in the Baikal region, liquidation of consequences of massive snowfall in Kuzbass, as well as fighting against ice blocking in the Ural region and Western Siberia.

The personnel were involved in liquidation of eruption of Anthrax in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous region.

In February, the 201st military base participated in liquidation of consequences of blocking of the important highways of Tajikistan by avalanches.

Aviation of the district has transported a lot of food products to hard-to-reach areas of Eastern Pamir.

During the final part of the session, the participants discussed joint method of estimation of rate of modern armament, military and special hardware in the Armed Forces.

According to General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, the rate of modern armament in the Armed Forces is one of the most important indicators. The rate of modern armament is to reach 70 per cent by 2020.

Leadership of the Armed Forces, representatives of the state power authorities, public and other organizations as well as rectors of leading educational establishments of the country took part in the session.


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