Paint Problems for Royal Navy's New Aircraft Carrier
(Source: British Forces News; issued March 27, 2017)
The Royal Navy's aircraft carrier project dogged with technical issues is facing a new problem - the paint on one of the new carriers has not set properly.

It means yet more delays for the £6.2 billion programme.

Divers found that the top coat of paint has not adhered to the undercoat on HMS Queen Elizabeth, which is currently based in Rosyth.

It comes just days after a report by the National Audit Office warned that the project may not be ready by its 2020 deadline.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: "There are areas of the hull of HMS Queen Elizabeth where the top-coat of paint has not adhered to the undercoat.

"We have worked with our suppliers to find out the reasons why and are putting in place a process to bring this to the right standard ahead of sea trials."


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