PLA Navy's New Frigate Liupanshui Joins Nanhai Fleet
(Source: China Military; issued April 01, 2017)
SANYA --- A new missile frigate Liupanshui joined the Chinese People Liberation Army (PLA) Navy on March 31 with the commissioning and naming ceremony held at a naval port in Sanya City, south China's Hainan province on Friday morning.

Independently developed and built by China, the Liupanshui is a Type 056 corvette equipped with multiple sets of new-type homemade weapons and equipment, capable of carrying out air defense, anti-submarine as well as surface operations.

The new corvette is named after the Liupanshui City in southwest China's Guizhou province. All officers and soldiers serving on the warship have been granted the title of "Honorary Citizen" of Liupanshui City.


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