Another Success By LOTN
(Source: Slovakia Ministry of Defence; issued Feb. 27, 2017)
The Lithuanian Air Force’s L-410 light transport aircraft photographed in front of the LOTN facility where it will be overhauled in Slovakia. (Slovakia MoD photo)
The Aircraft Repair Company Trenčín (LOTN) has succeeded in winning yet another contract through international competitive bidding. This time it has won a contract for a general overhaul of an L-410 UVP aircraft owned by the Lithuanian Armed Force. This is another success of the state-owned LOTN company following its last year's success in the international bidding process for a general overhaul of NATO helicopters.

For the Trenčín region, this is another piece of great news because LOTN is a major regional employer. For the company, more contracts means more work for employees. This has recently resulted in increasing the employment levels in the company by approx. 30 personnel.

The L-410 UVP aircraft was transported to Trenčín in the first half of February. Under the planned repair works, LOTN will check the aircraft's body, systems, technical units and devices; upgrade its avionic systems; and perform a general overhaul of the two turbine engines and the two propellers.

The aircraft was manufactured 35 years ago and underwent its last general overhaul in 2006. It has logged a total of 5,543 flying hours since inception of its operation.

The contract is expected to be completed over the course of 2017.


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