Thales Will Supply Vehicle Communication System SOTAS to Denmark
(Source: Thales; issued April 11, 2017)
The Danish Defence and Logistic Organization (DALO) signed a framework agreement with Thales concerning the acquisition of the vehicle communication system SOTAS, as well as services for the equipment delivered.

The contract ties DALO and Thales together for the next seven years and first deliveries from the contract are foreseen in 2018. Maintenance technologies will be transferred from Thales activities in the Netherlands to Denmark to reinforce a closer local relationship with DALO.

The Thales SOTAS communication system is expected to be installed in both wheeled and tracked vehicles. DALO has chosen this system for its high quality and its ability to be fully compatible with SOTAS equipment delivered under the previous Framework Agreement.

The system is future-proof and integrates easily with other equipment in the vehicles because of its interfaces and the use of standard protocols. With this renewed relationship with Thales, the Danish Armed Forces has decided to continue with a well-proven and reliable capability as the SOTAS system is.

The SOTAS system

SOTAS systems are based on a high performance open architecture that is modular, scalable and future-proof. The modular components can be assembled and scaled to provide optimal system configurations for all vehicle types and missions. Upgrades are performed with minimal impact on the existing installation. This provides great flexibility and logistical advantages that support the broad range of wheeled and tracked military tactical vehicles.

SOTAS systems are fielded in more than 30 countries and Thales is committed to the continuous development of new capabilities to increase mission effectiveness.

Thales has been involved in Danish projects since 1991. Today, Thales employs more than 110 people in Denmark and functions as the hub for eight countries in Northern Europe. In Defence, Thales designs and produces radars in all three domains; air, land and naval. Thales has equipped the Royal Danish Navy with radars on its five latest vessels and the Danish Army's armoured vehicle fleet with communications system.

Thales supplied the SMART-S Mk2 air surveillance radar to the two Absalon class vessels and the APAR multifunction radar and SMART-L Volume Search Radar to the three Iver Huitfeldt class ships. Thales is as well present in Aerospace domain where it holds a dominant market share in Air Traffic Management in Denmark.


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