Kazan Aircraft Plant Has Completed the Industrial Welding of the First Tu-160M2 Missile Carrier
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued June 08, 2017)
Kazan aircraft plant has completed the industrial welding of the first Tu-160M2 missile carrier. The Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov said this information to journalists during his visit to the plant.

As reported The Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov during his visit that, The Ministry of Defence confirms the previously announced dates: the first test flight of the aircraft is scheduled for 2018, and the beginning of mass production in 2021.

"A great job is done, we have several times addressed with words of gratitude to the industry that in a relatively short time, ahead of previously set schedules restored processes, associated with the reproduction of the Tu-160M2," – said Yuri Borisov.


Perspective Long-Range Aviation Complex Will be Invisible and Well-Armed
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued June 08, 2017)
The emerging strategic missile carrier of the future - the prospective Long-range aviation complex should carry as many weapons as possible, be unnoticed and use any airfields, stated by the Deputy Minister of Defence of Russia, Yuri Borisov, when he visited Kazan aircraft.

According to him, the requirements for long-range aircraft are changing, and the characteristics of the aerial means of destruction are growing.

As he noted, the long-range aviation complex is following the restoration of Tu-160 in a new guise. In doing so, industry is required to reuse equipment and technological approaches to prevent the production and development twice.

"On-board electronic equipment, which we plan in TU-160M2, should be carried to the prospective long-range aviation complex. Naturally, the fuselage of the aircraft and motors will be different, but where we can unify and save in preparation, we will do it to cheaper these projects," underlined by the Deputy Minister of Defence.


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