F-35A Lightning ll Demo: Practice for the 2017 Paris Airshow
(Source: TxAvGeek on YouTube; posted June 2, 2017)
In this video posted June 2 by “TX Av Geek,” a US Air Force F-35A (AF-78, 13-5072) from the 388FW, Hill AFB, Utah practices a low show aerial demonstration for the 2017 Paris Airshow at NAS Fort Worth.

The sequence seems to be have been filmed in slow motion while the aircraft was flying through a tub of molasses, such is the low maneuverability demonstrated while practicing a very tame and decidedly underwhelming flight display routine.

Unless the sequence is considerably spiced up, there seems to be little point to demonstrating the F-35 at the Paris air show, where it will be inevitably – and negatively -- compared to the world’s best flight displays.

And explaining that its routine is limited by the many flight restrictions mandated by its technical failings will not particularly improve its much-dented image.

All of which raises the question of why it was decided to take the F-35 to the Paris air show, other than to show it could.

Practice flight at Paris air show

To offer as complete a preview as possible, we have added a video of the F-35's second practice flight at the Paris air show, flown on June 16.

(The practice display was taped by the Paris air show organisers with three cameras and open mikes.)

There is not much improvement in maneuvrability compared to the previous video, and the aircraft still appears to be severely limited in terms of the number of Gs it can pull. And the touch-and-go in the middle of the routine seems rather pointless.

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-- June 18, 2017 at 1 a.m.: added second video and related comments.


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