Reshaping of the DSA Project (BODLUV)
(Source: Swiss Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport; issued July 5, 2017)
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BERNE --- Federal Councilor Guy Parmelin, head of the DDPS, informed the Federal Council at its meeting on 5 July 2017 of the termination of the DSA 2020 ground-to-air defense program, which he had suspended. At the same time, the department is preparing to relaunch the ground-to-air defense project.

On March 22, 2016, Federal Councilor Guy Parmelin suspended the DSA 2020 project, pending an adequate overview of the air defense situation. This was achieved with the report of the expert panel on the next combat aircraft, which was published on 30 May 2017. In addition, the Support Group on the evaluation and acquisition of the next combat aircraft clearly recommended a new assessment of a long-range ground-to-air defense system.

The DDPS leader has followed the recommendation of the support group by deciding to formally terminate the suspended DSA 2020 project. In addition, he has decided to create the necessary conditions to revive the long-range ground-to-air defense project with a new concept, based on the reference values described in the report of the aforementioned expert group.

The DDPS intends to submit to the Federal Council a proposal in principle on the renewal of the protection of airspace, probably this year. Preparatory work has been mandated in order to be able to relaunch the ground-to-air defense project at the appropriate time, depending on the decision.


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