Recent N. Korean Missile Falls Short of ICBM: Spy Agency
(Source: The Korea Times; issued July 11, 2017)
North Korea has yet to fully secure the development of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) as it remains still unknown whether the country's recently-fired ballistic missile successfully re-entered the atmosphere, a lawmaker said Tuesday quoting the spy agency.

North Korea claimed that it has developed an ICBM that could carry a large-size nuclear warhead, but it appears to be an unsubstantiated boast, Rep Yi Wan-young of the Liberty Korea Party said after a parliamentary meeting with officials from the National Intelligence Service.

Quoting the spy agency, Yi also said North Korea is capable of conducting a nuclear test at its Punggye-Ri site at any time, but there's no signs of an immediate detonation for the moment.


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