Western MD Formations Received about 200 Samples of Armament
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Oct 02, 2017)
Units of the Western military district combined-arms army with its headquarters located in the Voronezh region are reequipped and set.

“Units and headquarters of motorised rifle divisions in 2017 received about 200 samples of armaments, military and special hardware. There are BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, BTR-82A armoured personnel carriers, BREM-1 armoured repair-and-evacuation vehicles, 2A65 Msta-B, KamAZ-5350 Mustang and KamAZ-63501 Medved’, 9K51M Tornado-G multiple-launch missile systems, MTO-UB2 universal maintenance workshops, REM-KL repair-and-evacuation wheel cars, Tigr and Rys’ armoured automobiles,” said Commander of the WMD combined-arms army Major General Alexander Peryazev.

Also by the end of this year, it is planned to receive about 50 units of military and special hardware. Automobile and armoured vehicles, missile-and-artillery armaments are among them.


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