MARSS Completes Installation of NIDAR Security System on First of A Multihull Offshore Patrol Vessel Fleet
(Source: MARSS; issued Oct 10, 2017)
Features and capabilities of the NIDAR system. (Source: MARSS)
MARSS is pleased to announce the installation of the first NiDAR maritime security system of a multihull US$20M+ contract from Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd (BNS) (Malaysia) for the Royal Malaysian Navy.

The contract includes the design, integration, delivery, installation and commissioning of the MARSS NiDAR 360˚ air, surface and underwater anti-intruder security system, with the first hull of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) fleet launched last month.

NiDAR automatically detects and alerts operators against divers, underwater vehicles and small fast-moving surface intruders by integrating near and long-range surveillance with deterrents into one intelligent domain awareness picture.

The system integrates diver detection sonars, thermal imaging cameras and sensor feeds from onboard radar, as well as non-lethal deterrents. NiDAR will be operated via MARSS' intuitive Command & Control (C2) interface from multiple fixed and mobile command stations onboard.

"MARSS has a strong working partnership with the Royal Malaysian Navy and Boustead Naval Shipyard to design and deliver a comprehensive world class vessel security system. Our NiDAR system redefines what can be achieved for maritime domain awareness leveraging Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) equipment," said Rob Balloch, SVP of MARSS Group.

“MARSS established an engineering presence in Malaysia to support our customers with the implementation of force protection technologies across their assets. The project also saw a number of substantial sub-contracts placed with key partners to support the large-scale project. We are pleased to reveal the completion of two ship-sets to date," he added.

MARSS Group develops innovative marine and land-based solutions for asset protection and saving life using integrated sensor surveillance and proprietary software. Our systems combine a multi-sensor approach with integration software, open-source intelligence and artificial intelligence to deliver real time analysis and increased situational awareness.

Our technology leadership is founded on over 10 years of research and development collaboration with the European Union, defence agencies, NATO, academia and industry. MARSS products include NiDAR, RADiRguard and MOBtronic.


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