Strengthening of Latvia’s National Defence Capability Will Continue Next Year
(Source: Latvia Ministry of Defence; issued Oct 11, 2017)
Today, on 10 October, government adopted the draft Medium-term budget framework for 2018-2020. The new medium-term budget law will raise the defence spending to 2% of GDP.

Next year Latvia will focus on strengthening its national defence capability to enhance combat and response skills of the Armed Forces and National Guard, whereas Youth Guard will continue civic and national education initiatives.

One of the defence priorities of 2018 will be higher armed force combat readiness, which will be achieved through series of training courses, purchase of equipment and technology and development of military bases.

Latvia, as a host country, will also continue to accommodate allied troops next year by facilitating deployment and joint military training.

Compared to previous year, the defence envelope will grow by €126.8 million in 2018, reaching €576 million in total.

In 2016, defence spending reached 1.4% of GDP. This year it was raised to 1.7% of GDP. Latvia is strongly committed to not only achieve, but also keep defence spending at 2% of GDP beyond 2018.


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