Russia’s Aerospace Forces to Receive Mi-28N
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 08, 2017)
According to the State Defence Order, the manufacturing enterprise is to supply a consignment of the Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopters to Aerospace Forces units on the eve of new training year.

The all-weather helicopter is designed to operate under sustained fire to locate and eliminate tanks and other armored hardware, low-speed air targets and personnel of an enemy. The helicopter is capable to operate by day and at night at low altitudes.

Since the main mode of Mi-28H is low-altitude flight, ergonomic decisions have been applied to the equipment. A crew can concentrate on fight against ground targets. The control of all systems is arranged in such a way that the left control panel is used in flight, and the right remote-control panel is only operated when preparing for a flight.


More than 5,000 Pieces of New and Modernized Military Hardware Delivered to SMD Troops in Last Five Years
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 08, 2017)
SMD troops continue receiving new samples of armament, military and special hardware.

About 40 military units have been rearmed, and more than 100 military bases have been provided with modern weapons.

In the last five years the ground forces of SMD have received more than 5,000 samples of armament, military and special hardware including more than 300 T-90 and T-72B3 tanks, 250 BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles and 400 BTR-82A armored personnel carriers.

Missile and artillery units of the Southern MD have acquired the Khrizantema-S modern anti-tank missile systems and two Iskander-M brigade sets in the past five years.


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