MPs Told the UK Defence Industry's Future is "Uncertain"
(Source: British Forces News; issued Nov 29, 2017)
The Government's being urged to invest in the UK defence industry to save jobs at BAE Systems. Union leaders are describing the expected loss of nearly two-thousand posts nationwide as "devastating and short-sighted".

Appearing before the Commons Defence Select Committee, leaders of Unite said the company is failing to invest in its people while profiting from the taxpayer.

MPs were told that BAE’s current orders for Typhoon fighters will cease in 2022, raising the question as to whether there will be further cuts as a result.

A senior BAE manager, Bob Keen, defended the company's future strategy. He told the committee, BAE Systems is working hard to find customers for Hawk jets abroad so that it's able to build a new generation of jets used by the Red Arrows.

Bob Keen, Head of Government Relations, said: “We need a clear view of what military aerospace will look like beyond Typhoon.

“What we are saying to government is we need assurances around which we can coalesce, invest and deploy people. We need some certainty so we know what the future looks like."

The Government is being urged to invest £100m into the development of the new Hawk jet, in a move which unions claim will help to safeguard jobs at BAE systems.


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