Peru Restarts Effort to Acquire SIGINT Equipment for Fokker 50s
(Source: Forecast International; issued Dec 07, 2017)
LIMA --- Peru's Agency for Procurement Purchases of the Armed Forces (ACFFAA in Spanish) has restarted an effort to acquire signals intelligence (SIGINT) equipment for its Fokker 50 aircraft. The government expects to spend about $24.9 million to acquire the equipment. The government has asked companies interested in bidding to submit technical-economic proposals by December 26. A winner will be named three days later.

The Peruvian Navy acquired two secondhand Fokker 50s from the Royal Netherlands Air Force in September 2014. Both aircraft were incorporated into service in November 2014 and the Navy immediately began seeking to upgrade them with SIGINT capabilities.

However, initial efforts to acquire the SIGINT equipment were scrapped after irregularities were discovered in the bidding process. It was found that responders to the tender did not comply with requirements to provide unspecified documentation. Although IAI Elta Systems and Paramount Group were disqualified for not providing the documentation, others, including Caledonian Airborne Systems, Dericheboarg Consortium, Protoplane, and SGD Engineering Ltd. were not, even though they also did not provide mandatory documentation.

It is not clear if this tender will be more successful. Peru has been attempting to acquire the SIGINT equipment since it acquired the aircraft in 2014 and has been unsuccessful so far.


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