Land Defence Proposal Adopted in the Storting
(Source: Norway Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 11, 2017)
(Issued in Norwegian only; unofficial translation by
OSLO --- "I am pleased with the broad political consensus on strengthening the Armed Forces. The main lines of the government's proposal were adopted. We strengthen the presence in the north. We are going to invest in modern equipment. In addition, we change the practice of conscription to increase preparedness and operational ability," said Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen.

In October, the government presented a plan to further develop the Army and Homeland Protection (Prop. 2 S (2017-2018). The case has now been discussed in the Foreign and Defense Committee and was debated in the parliament on 5 December. There was a broad majority that adopted our proposal for Future Land Power.

The cases that the Storting has been concerned with, and which differ from the government's recommendation, concern the Ministry of Defense: helicopter support for the Army, and a second tank battalion. The Parliament called on the government to come back with arrangements to accommodate these requests.

“The government will come back with the required proposal and implementation plans as requested by the Storting. I'm sure we will find good solutions that strengthen the power of the Army to carry out its missions, jointly with the rest of the Armed Forces and our allies," the minister of defense said.

Through the long-term plan that was presented in June 2016, the government launched a major commitment to the Armed Forces. The Land Power Proposition builds on this effort. In all, the long-term plan and the land power proposition constitute a comprehensive plan for the development of the Armed Forces.

"The government undertakes to continue the efforts on the Armed Forces, and will follow up on the changes the Storting has decided. It also commits the Storting. We politicians must be undecided and take responsibility for the implementation of the plan," said Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen.


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