First Northern Iron Dome Interception
(Source: Israeli Air Force; issued May 11, 2018)
Last night (Thursday), just after midnight, “Iron Dome” weapon system combatants intercepted four Iranian missiles fired towards the Golan Heights. The targets were intercepted by the northern “Iron Dome” battalion, marking their first interceptions. “We remain on ready alert, prepared for any scenario.”

Time: Thursday, May 10th, just after midnight. Location: the Golan Heights. The goal: protecting the citizens of Israel and its strategic assets. The event: the northern “Iron Dome” battalion’s first operational interception.

“We are deployed and on ready alert in the Golan Heights with a significant amount of launchers and interception missiles”, described Maj. Aviram Tovli, commander of the intercepting battery. “Last night (Thursday), just after midnight, we detected the first missile salvo fired towards Israel. We intercepted the four targets according to a predetermined decision. We successfully intercepted the missiles and achieved the first interceptions performed by the northern ‘Iron Dome’ battalion, which was established last September”.

The Aerial Defense Division is the first to deploy and the last one to demobilize. The division’s combatants and technicians are prepared for any threat to the citizens of Israel at any time. Last September, a second “Iron Dome” weapon system battalion was established, focusing on the northern theatre. “The battalion was established less than a year ago and yesterday it realized its goal of defending the northern theatre. We feel proud and satisfied, knowing it reflects the spirit of our battalion’s combatants”, said Lt. Col. Amos Jerbi, Commander of the northern “Iron Dome” battalion, with pride. “The combatants work hours upon hours in order to perform their duty with determination and composure, which makes me proud. It’s every commander’s dream”.

In Any Scenario

The Aerial Defense Division’s combatants work relentlessly towards one goal - protecting Israel. They sit at the Interception Management Center, vigilant and prepared for any potential event. “My crew was ready. As soon as we saw what was happening we operated just as we should, with every crewmember performing their duty as best they could”, described Staff Sgt. Idan Somech, an interceptor at the “Iron Dome” battery. “After the event ended, I felt satisfaction and relief”. Maj. Aviram added: “I’m very proud. We are undoubtedly the defensive shield of the citizens of Israel. I live in the north, so protecting the area is especially significant for me. We remain on ready alert, prepared for any scenario”.


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