House Appropriators Poised to Back DOD Modernization Spending
(Source: Inside Defense; posted June 06, 2018)
By Tony Bertuca
The House Appropriations defense subcommittee seeks to fund Pentagon modernization at $238 billion for fiscal year 2019, slightly above the Trump administration's request and in line with a House authorization bill passed last month, according to here a draft of the panel's bill.

The bill, which the subcommittee is scheduled to debate Thursday, would provide $133 billion to the Pentagon's base budget procurement account and $12.7 billion in Overseas Contingencies Operations procurement funds. The amount for base procurement is $2.5 billion above the administration's request.

The bill includes $22.7 billion to procure 12 Navy ships, including funding for three Littoral Combat Ships, two Virginia-class submarines and three DDG-51 guided missile destroyers.

The legislation would also appropriate $9.4 billion for 93 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, though the Pentagon requested only 77. Meanwhile, the bill provide $1.9 billion for 24 F-18 Super Hornets, $1.8 billion for 18 C-130Js, $1.5 billion for the upgrade of 85 Abrams tanks, and other DOD priorities. (end of excerpt)

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