IAI and IMI Unveil Innovative Co-Development: Rampage, Supersonic, Long Range Accurate Air-Ground Assault Rocket for Annihilation of High Quality Targets
(Source: Israel Aerospace Industries; issued June 13, 2018)
Israeli Military Industries Systems (IMI Systems) and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), unveiled a long-range assault missile, which was developed jointly by Israel's two leading, specialized defense industries. The Rampage offers a unique combination of the knowhow, the technological assets and the cumulative experience of both companies.

Developed in response to a clear operational need of the future battlefield as "Stand - Off"" namely munition drooped from outside the area protected by anti-air rockets, the Rampage boasts a warhead, rocket engine and advanced navigation suit which allow execution of the assault mission of high quality, well-protected targets with utmost precision.

The Rampage features optimal penetration capability into protected areas. Its focal precision prevents collateral damage at a very low mission cost compared with existing solutions. The targets that best fit the capabilities of the new rocket include communication and command centers, air forces bases, maintenance centers, infrastructures and valuable field targets protected by anti-air systems.

The Rampage can operate in any weather conditions, as well as day and night. It offers simplified operation, with no need for a "man in the loop" and can be carried on a broad range of aircraft, manufactured by western or eastern countries. The total weight of the missile is 570 kg and is 4.7 meters long.

Boaz Levy, general manager and executive VP of IAI's Rockets and Space Group, said, "We believe in the Rampage, since it is an important product that fulfils a true operational need in a very efficient way. IMI and IAI have invested a great deal of thought in developing this product that reflects the extensive technological knowhow and experience of both companies with a price tag, which is attractive and relevant for the global market."

Eli Reiter, manager of IMI Systems firepower division said, "IMI Systems and IAI are proud to unveil a response to the challenges of modern battlefields. The Rampage joins a family of accurate rockets, which we have been providing to advanced militaries of years. Rampage complements the air response with a quantum leap in performance and extraordinary cost-effectiveness ratio, two factors which are important to many air forces around the world.”


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