Chinese Military Phases Out 100,000 Profit-Making Contract Programs
(Source: Xinhuanet; issued July 04, 2018)
BEIJING --- Chinese authorities have terminated 100,000 of the 106,000 profit-making contract programs conducted by the military by June 30 as they aim to end all contract work by the end of 2018, according to the leading group office overseeing this work.

Different strategies are being developed to phase out a small number of complex and sensitive programs which are still under operation, while related courts are working to settle programs involving lawsuits, the office said.

As a key part of military reform and a crucial decision in the building of a powerful, world-class armed forces, the gradual phasing out of profit-making services provided by the military began in 2016.

The office said it planned to inspect programs which had already been terminated, focusing on spotting and rectifying malpractices including fake suspension of operations.


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