AgustaWestland Middleman Christian Michel Granted Bail By Dubai Court (excerpt)
(Source: India Today; posted July 30, 2018)
By Ankit Kumar
NEW DELHI --- In a major setback for the Indian security agencies, accused and middleman in AgustaWestland case, Christian Michel was granted bail by the Dubai Court. According to his local lawyer their Amal Alsubei, he has been granted conditional bail and has been asked to remain present before the court on August 26.

As part of the conditions of his bail, Michel will have to submit a guarantor's passport in the court. In the event, that he does not appear for the hearing, then the guarantor will be liable to pay 500,000 Dirham (approximately Rs 94 lakh).

Michel has been in detention in Dubai since June. He was placed under detention after India asked for his extradition through Dubai court.

Local lawyers have said the process of his release will take about five hours, depending on the guarantor's passport.

Michel made his applications on the grounds of his good conduct, lack of evidence against him and that he did not have any funds from the alleged kickbacks.

Only written submissions were presented in the case which was heard in a judge's chamber instead of an open court.

Michel's permanent lawyer Rosemary Patrizi, who had earlier claimed that her client was forced to give a false confession incriminating Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi, was not present in court today. The CBI had denied influencing Michel to give a false testimony.

According to official sources in Dubai, Christian Michel was released on bail around 4.30 pm (Dubai local time) after his lawyer completed various court formalities.

Also absent from the proceedings was a representative from India's side. No Indian official attended the proceeding nor was a UAE national hired to represent India. This helped Michel get the bail, as the UAE court had clearly stated that no evidence exists against Michel in the previous hearing. (end of excerpt)

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