Marines Connect F-35 Jet to HIMARS Rocket Shot for First Time (excerpt)
(Source: Marine Corps Times; posted Oct. 05, 2018)
By Shawn Snow
The Marine Corps says it used an F-35B fighter to designate a target for a HIMARS rocket launcher, but as no details were provided it is impossible to weigh the real significance of the event. (USMC photo)
The Corps has been experimenting with an innovative slew of ways to use its rocket precision artillery system known as HIMARS.

And just recently, the Corps set another historic milestone: destroying a target by connecting an F-35B with a HIMARS rocket shot for the first time, according to Lt. Gen. Steven R. Rudder, deputy commandant for aviation.

“We were able to connect the F-35 to a HIMARS, to a rocket shot … and we were able to target a particular conex box,” Rudder told audience members Friday at an aviation readiness discussion at the Center for Strategic & International Studies, or CSIS.

The shot was all done through data link, according to Rudder. The F-35 used sensors and pushed data about the location of the target that was then fed to a HIMARS system.

The HIMARS unit then destroyed the target.

Click here for the full story, on the Marine Corps Times website.


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