Bombardier Sues Mitsubishi In Seattle Over Aircraft Trade Secrets
(Source: Seattle Times; published Oct 19, updated Oct 20, 2018)
By Rami Grunbaum
Bombardier has sued Mitsubishi Aircraft in federal court in Seattle, alleging that employees recruited from the Montreal-based company illicitly emailed batches of Bombardier’s trade secrets before they left to help the Japanese plane maker get its long-delayed Mitsubishi Regional Jet certified by U.S. regulators.

The 92-page lawsuit, filed late Friday, alleges that Mitsubishi Aircraft and its Seattle contractor, AeroTEC, have hired about 92 former Bombardier personnel, some after holding job fairs near its Quebec headquarters and its U.S. flight test center in Wichita, Kansas.

Bombardier’s suit also names several employees that it claims misappropriated its confidential documents and data pertaining to the certification of commercial airplanes by Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Because the process is “extremely complex and costly to achieve” for a new aircraft, “since 2000 only four companies worldwide have been able to develop a commercial clean-sheet aircraft program in compliance with the regulatory requirements” of the North American or European air-safety regulators, the suit says. (end of excerpt)

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