Turkish Aerospace Is Looking to Expand Its Presence In Africa Through ATAK Helicopter
(Source: Turkish Aerospace Industries; issued Oct 22, 2018)
Turkish Aerospace will participate at International Marrakech Airshow between October 24-27, 2018 in Morocco. Turkish Aerospace will be making an ambitious move from North Africa within campaign initiated towards Africa. Live demonstrations will be performed by T129 ATAK helicopter, which is attracting attention in the region for a long time.

Starting from 2017 up till now Turkish Aerospace is conducting negotiations with relevant bodies of Morocco regarding ATAK helicopter by carrying out a range of activities in the region. This time Turkish Aerospace is very ambitious concerning entering Moroccan market.

During the first two days the superior performance of ATAK helicopter will be shown in North Africa. ATAK and all range of its products, developed by Turkish engineers are planned to be introduced to Muhammed VI, the King of Morocco, who is scheduled to visit the International Marrakech Airshow.


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