FAB General Officers Make First Flight on KC-390
(Source: Brazilian Air Force; issued Oct 22, 2018)
(Issued in Portuguese; unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
Brazilian Air Force (FAB) general officials flew for the first time on the Brazilian Air Force’s (FAB) new multi-mission transport aircraft, the KC-390, on Monday, October 22, at Ala 1, in Brasília (DF).

For Embraer’s director of the KC-390 Program, Paulo Gastão da Silva, who accompanied the military during the flight, the aircraft will bring many benefits to the FAB. "We plan the aircraft in the way requested by the FAB. The KC-390 is a modern, high-capacity aircraft with a much lower life cycle cost, ensuring the FAB reaches the required operational efficiency. Next year, they will be operating at full steam in Ala 2, in Anapolis," he said.

Robust, modern and with high operational capability, the KC-390 embodies the concept and ideas of FAB pilots and engineers who craved for capabilities beyond those offered by the C-130 Hercules. "We had the opportunity to see and feel the versatility of the aircraft, from takeoff to landing. We are very pleased with the project and look forward to starting our missions with the new transport," said the Commander of the FAB, Air Brigadier Nivaldo Luiz Rossato.

As a result of technological capacity building, the KC-390 means an operational leap for the Armed Forces and an advance for the Brazilian aeronautical industry. The FAB is responsible for all the investment that has taken place in the development of the KC-390, which will make it the backbone of the company's transportation aviation in the coming years.

In all, 28 units were ordered and delivery is scheduled for 2019.


The Type Certificate of the aircraft, issued by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), on Friday (19/10), allows the aircraft to be marketed and operated throughout Brazilian territory. Certification is issued when the aircraft demonstrates that it has met all required operational, safety and environmental protection requirements for its operation. This evidences that the level of safety of the aircraft is compatible with international standards, and allows the certified model to be marketed in Brazil and inserted in the Brazilian Aeronautical Registry (RAB).

About the aircraft

The Embraer KC-390 is the largest airplane ever produced in Latin America, and was developed to meet the operational requirements of the Brazilian Air Force. The aircraft sets a new standard for medium-sized military transport, as it is an unprecedented model for the transportation of military cargo.

The FAB transport is the only one in its category that features the fly-by-wire electronic flight control system that, in addition to giving greater efficiency to piloting, also provides integration with other missions. An example is loading. The use of the electronic controls will measure the behavior of the airplane during the flight, which responds to these dynamics and passes the information to the pilot.


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