French Firm Dassault Pulls Out of Fighter-Jet Competition: Sources (excerpt)
(Source: The Canadian Press; posted Nov 06, 2018)
by Lee Berthiaume
The French defense ministry and Dassault Aviation have decided not to compete for the replacement of Canada’s Boeing CF-118 Hornet fighters, as the level of data-sharing required with the US de facto rules out non-American bidder. (RCAF photo)
OTTAWA --– The long effort to replace Canada’s aging fighter jets took another surprise twist on Tuesday, as multiple sources revealed that French fighter-jet maker Dassault is pulling out of the multibillion-dollar competition.

The decision comes just over a week after the federal government published the military’s requirements for a replacement for Canada’s CF-18s as well as a draft process by which a winning supplier will be chosen.

Dassault had repeatedly pitched its Rafale aircraft to Canada over the years as successive governments in Ottawa have wrestled with selecting a new fighter jet. Dassault’s pitch included significant promises, including that it would assemble the planes in Canada.

But sources tell The Canadian Press that Dassault’s decision to withdraw was related to the fact France is not a member of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing network, which counts the U.S., Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada as members. The five members have very specific requirements for how their equipment works together.

The French government, which had been closely working with Dassault as the most recent iteration of Canada’s fighter-replacement program has inched along over the past year, was preparing to notify Ottawa of the company’s withdrawal. (end of excerpt)

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: While Dassault has been in the running since Canada first opened talks on competing the replacement of its F-18 Hornets, France’s decision to pull out was taken after Canada’s draft Request for Proposals, here
released Oct. 25, made it clear that it required an aircraft able to share confidential information with the US.)


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