JAS 39 Gripen E Flies with Meteor
(Source: Swedish defence matériel agency, FMV; issued Nov 12, 2018)
A successful test flight with the JAS 39 Gripen E carrying the Meteor advanced air-to-air missile was carried out recently in Linköping.

“The test flight with the Meteor missile is part of the work on the development of JAS 39 Gripen E and the integration of its weapons. This test flight is a milestone in the project,” says Ken Lindberg, responsible for the joint testing of JAS 39 Gripen E at FMV.

Meteor is a radar-controlled air-to-air missile. It has the capacity to engage air targets at a very long range. Meteor is powered by a ramjet engine which makes it difficult to avoid. It is superior to other missiles of the same type.

Meteor is developed in cooperation between Sweden, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The Swedish air force with Gripen C / D was the first operating air system with integrated Meteor missiles.

"For us who work with the Gripen E project in FMV and industry, work continues on the development of the airplane system and the integration of different weapons," says Ken Lindberg.


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