2019 Global Aerospace and Defense Industry Outlook: Trends and opportunities
(Source: Deloitte Touche Kohamatsu; issued Dec 11, 2018)
The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is positioned for strong, global growth. What is in store for large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as small- to mid-sized A&D companies in 2019? What changes will sustained, robust M&A activity trigger in the industry?

Deloitte's latest global A&D outlook sheds light on factors that are driving growth in both the commercial aerospace and defense sectors and delves into what to look out for in 2019, including:

-- Increasing commercial aircraft production, driven by strong demand for passenger travel
-- Growing military spend amidst continued geopolitical risks
-- Brewing trade tensions, including supply chain disruption and increased costs, and their potential impacts
-- Push from suppliers to consolidate for scale and cost effectiveness

Robin Lineberger, Global and US Aerospace and Defense leader, shares his insights on the major trends and opportunities for the industry players.

Click here for the full report (12 PDF pages), on the Deloitte website.


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