Airbus Says Improper Settings A Factor In Fatal Mali Copter Crash (excerpt)
(Source: Reuters; published Dec 12, 2018)
BERLIN --- The fatal crash of a German armed forces helicopter in Mali last year was caused by the failure of mechanics from manufacturer Airbus to correctly set the aircraft’s rotor controls after repairs, a defense official told Reuters on Wednesday.

An armed forces investigation of the crash, which killed both pilots aboard the helicopter, found that neither a technical defect nor material fatigue were to blame, according to the official who has seen the report.

Airbus said in a statement that a German military investigation had identified an improper setting of controls as “one of the factors in the chain of events” that led to the crash, and precautionary measures had been implemented to prevent any reoccurrence of the issue.

It said the investigation had ruled out any design issue with the Tiger helicopter. The company said it would refrain from further statements due to pending proceedings on the case. (end of excerpt)

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