Blighter Selects S-Connect as Local ROK Manufacturing Partner for PESA Radars
(Source: Forecast International; issued Dec 13, 2018)
CAMBRIDGE, England -- Blighter Surveillance Systems, a British designer and manufacturer of electronic-scanning (e-scan) radars and surveillance solutions, is targeting further expansion into the Republic of Korea (South Korea) with the appointment of S-Connect, in Seoul, as its local manufacturing partner.

S-Connect, in Seoul, is now fully qualified to build, test, support, and maintain Blighter electronic scanning radars from its new, dedicated manufacturing facility at Jeongok.

S-Connect is a manufacturer of precision assemblies and electronics for the mobile phone, tablet PC and medical devices markets. Following training in the U.K. and in the RoK, S-Connect is now fully qualified to build, test, support and maintain Blighter e-scan radars. The partnership has also led to the S-Connect's establishment of a new, dedicated radar manufacturing and support facility at Jeongok, southwest of Seoul.

Blighter Surveillance Systems has been active in the RoK since 2008, and has already sold more than 100 radar units in the country, including to the Republic of Korea Army to monitor the highly sensitive de-militarized zone (DMZ), a buffer zone which runs 250 km (155 miles) across the Korean peninsula and separates North and South Korea.

Mark Radford, CEO, Blighter Surveillance Systems, said "The strategic partnership with S-Connect demonstrates our commitment to the Korean market and our desire to enable localization of our radars for current and future security surveillance programs in Korea. Having an experienced and competent in-country partner will also enable faster support to our growing base of customers."

ByungSub Sim, director, S-Connect, said "Blighter e-scan radars are recognized as best-in-class in Korea because of their successful deployment along the DMZ. We believe there is much potential for future sales into both commercial and military applications and that is why we have extended our partnership with Blighter and invested in a new dedicated radar manufacturing facility at Jeongok."

The Blighter range of maintenance-free, solid-state, micro Doppler passive electronically scanned array (PESA) radars are deployed in 35 countries to deliver round the clock all-weather protection along borders, for coastal facilities, at military bases, and to guard critical national infrastructure such as airports, oil and gas facilities, and palaces.

The radar products supported by S-Connect include the Blighter B400 series for ground surveillance, the Blighter C400 series for coastal security, and the Blighter Revolution 360 radar system for vehicle mounted solutions.

Blighter Surveillance Systems delivers an integrated multi-sensor package to system integrators comprising the Blighter radars plus cameras, thermal imagers, trackers and software solutions. Its ITAR-free systems are used worldwide in commercial, government and defense markets in area and asset protection for national border security, homeland security, critical infrastructure protection such as oil and gas facilities, coastal surveillance, and in military applications.


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