Pakistan Eyes 62 JF-17 Jets from China As Rafale Dogfight Continues in India
(Source: Zee News; posted Jan 07, 2019)
While the opposition is targeting the NDA government on the Rafale fighter plane deal, neighbouring Pakistan is engaged in taking full advantage of the opportunity. The Pakistani government has approached China to make the JF-17 (Block 3) jet fighter plane available for the Pakistani Air Force (PAF) as soon as possible.

According to the Indian Air Force (IAF) intelligence report accessed by Zee News, the Pakistani Air Force is in the process of adding 62 JF-17 jets before India gets the 36 Rafale jets . As per the agreement with Dassault Aviation of France, the delivery of Rafale jets will commence from 2020.

Pakistan's JF-17 is a Multi Combat Aircraft which is jointly developed by Pakistan's Aeronautical Complex and China's Chengdu Aircraft Corporation. The Pakistani government is keen to induct most advanced version of JF-17 series -- the new JF-17 Block-3 -- to make its air force match its Indian counterpart.

According to the report, Pakistan has asked Chengdu Aircraft Corporation of China to deliver 13 JF-17 (Block 2) to Pakistani Air Force by July 2019. They have also asked the Chinese firm to deliver the more advanced two seater- JF-17 Block-2 jets by 2020. Pakistani Air Force plans to induct 22 JF-17 (Block-2) jets before 2020.

According to intelligence reports, Pakistan and China are also jointly developing JF-17 (Block-3) jets which is a fourth-generation fighter jet. Pakistani Air Force is expecting the new variants of JF-17 (Block-3) to be delivered from 2020 which will be more powerful than the already existing JF-17 series. Pakistan plans to induct 28 new JF-17 (Block-3) till 2022. (end of excerpt)

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